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Local Attractions:

5.00 kilometer(s) from High Level Bridge, the longest and highest of its type in the world. This means that the design, called a viaduct by CPR bridge engineers, reached culmination in the Lethbridge bridge. There are similar bridges that are longer or higher, but none have the combination of length - height shown by the Lethbridge structure. The bridge is 5,327 feet (1,623 meters) in length (one mile plus 47 feet). It is 314 feet (95.7 meters) in height above the bed of the river. The west end is 21.31 feet higher than the east end. The east end is 3,800 feet west of what was the Lethbridge Station.

10.00 kilometer(s) from Helen Schuler Nature Center, Plodding down a shale trail, the crunch of splintered rock under your feet, the sky above you open and blue, a gentle wind at your back - just enough breeze to make you move a little faster, everything seems right in the world. Just when you think the morning couldn't possibly get better, a slight stirring in the brush to your right makes you glance over. You can barely see them, but they're there - a family of White Tailed deer; a mother and her offspring, standing as still as statues, their dark eyes fixed upon you waiting to see what you'll do. You'll be amazed what you see when you wander through the wonderland of the Helen Schuler Nature Centre. Every step is in the direction of indigenous beauty, and an opportunity to interact with the abundance of outdoor southern Alberta.

7.00 kilometer(s) from Galt Museum & Archives, portrays the colorful history of southern Alberta in an intricate and engaging tapestry. Set at the edge of the meandering Oldman River valley, the museum houses 5,000 square feet of interactive displays that are open for exploration and discovery every day. If you're up for a bit of an excursion, the museum also conducts a variety of offsite tours that place you in the middle of southern Alberta's living history. The Galt's original Edwardian-style building was a hospital that first opened in 1910. The energy of its origin is still very much present today, resting on visitors's shoulders like a guiding hand as they walk through the building's wide corridors. In fact, patrons and employees over the years have claimed to have heard, seen, and felt the presence of those that worked and were treated at the hospital in days gone by.

133 kilometer(s) from Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The park celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2010. Waterton is home to 30 species of rare flowers that don't grow anywhere else, and 50% of the wildflowers in Alberta can be found in Waterton. Excellent hiking, beautiful scenery, access to wildlife or boat cruise of Upper Waterton Lake to Glacier Park and return showcases crossing Canada-USA border on the water with no passports required.

80.00 kilometer(s) from Remington Carriage Museum, moving through the wide corridors of the museum, you can almost hear the clip-clopping of hooves, the rumble of wooden wheels, and the sharp snap of reigns on the back of a team of ready horses. Each display tells a story, vivid vignettes of times gone by - a pioneer family on the trail to a new life, a wealthy businessman traveling the cobblestone streets of New York in comfort and anonymity, a horse-drawn sled that pulled farm children to school over snow covered felds. This is the largest museum of horse drawn transportation in the world. Its series of interactive galleries showcases over 250 authentic carriages, many restored meticulously to their original condition. Guests can see how carriages are constructed in the on-site factory, watch a blacksmith hard at work, visit four-legged friends in the stable, and of course take a carriage ride around the grounds.

50.00 kilometer(s) from Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the largest and best-preserved buffalo jumps in the world. Unique building is constructed into the cliffs. Enjoy drumming & dancing by the Blackfoot Nations Culture (Blackfoot Confederacy consisting of the Blood, Pikani, Siksika and Blackfeet Nations).

138 kilometer(s) from Frank Slide, driving through the Crowsnest Pass is an eerie and ethereal experience for a stretch of two kilometers. Piled high on both sides of Highway 3 around the town of Frank is the remnant of the deadliest rockslide to ever happen in Canada - a massive debris field that looks more like the surface of the moon than a mountain valley, and a stark reminder of Mother Nature's awesome power. Hunched on a grassy bluff above the fallen stones, just 1.5 kilometers off the highway, is a building that pays homage to the disaster that happened there at its feet more than 100 years ago. The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre tells the extraordinary tale of the night in April 1903 when 82 million tons of rock came crashing down from the side of Turtle Mountain, burying a portion of the burgeoning mining town of Frank forever.

15.00 kilometer(s) from Lethbridge Cornmaze, in the dog days of summer, when the sun is high and days are long, an emerald green field of 10-foot high corn stocks stands waiting north of Lethbridge. Wide swaths are cut into the 7-acre field, weaving in and out, up and down, around and back again in a dizzying display of architecture that draws people of all ages in and holds them captive for as long as their wits and sense of direction eludes them. This was the first of its kind in southern Alberta, and has been mesmerizing brave explorers since 2000. It can take anywhere between 20 minutes and two hours to find your way out of the labyrinth, and a new pattern is designed every year - so there's no getting away easy. Once you've emerged from the field there are lots of other things to keep you entertained. There's a petting zoo filled with a menagerie of animals, a hayride, mini-golf, and a pumpkin patch where you can select the canvas for this year's jack-o-lantern.

3.00 kilometer(s) from Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden, offers you an unforgettable experience, combining the beauty of nature in a serene setting. From the first spring blossom to the final autumn leaf, the garden is an oasis of tranquility.

10.00 kilometer(s) from Fort Whoop Up, as you drive down the winding coulee road toward Fort Whoop-Up, the city slips away and time turns back to a point in history when the west was truly wild. The Fort stands proud and sturdy against the hillside, staring at you with eyes from the past, barely containing the lingering whispers of traders and scoundrels long since gone. Before Lethbridge was so much as a whistle stop on the rail line, there was a thriving trading post in the valley near where the city now stands. Fort Whoop-Up was a place where frontier adventurers and Blackfoot warriors came to barter animal pelts, buffalo robes and horses for valuable commodities such as cloth, consumer goods, tobacco and whiskey. The trading days are over, but Fort Whoop-Up's colorful characters are still here. They're seen throughout the summer in spontaneous skits around the grounds. Brace yourself - gunfights have been known to break out, and there's daily cannon fire.

5.00 kilometer(s) from Galt Gardens, a legacy of the Galt family, original founders of the City of Lethbridge and has served as a public square since 1885. Tall stately trees, colorful flower beds and beautifully manicured lawns, the park is a shady retreat for downtown strollers. Situated in this downtown park is the Southern Alberta Art Gallery. During summer months, events are often held in Galt Gardens.

50.00 kilometer(s) from The Fort Museum of the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) and First Nations Interpretive Centre, is the most visited attraction in Fort Macleod, attracting upward of 25,000 visitors every year. Four times daily between July 1st and towards the end of August, the Fort puts on a traditional musical ride that showcases the skills mounted police have practiced and employed for more than a century - a tribute to the scarlet wave of law enforcers that settled the west in 1874. In addition to the musical ride, the museum is home to a number of fascinating displays, photographs, and artifacts that bring the experience of early outpost living to life.

20.00 kilometer(s) from Alberta Birds of Prey Centre, has been a preeminent rehabilitation and breeding facility for wild and endangered birds since 1984. In addition to efforts to care for and release birds into nature, the center is also a strong steward for habitat preservation and protection, as well as an educational facility where the public learns about birds and the environment. Visitors witness flight demonstrations and are able to interact with the birds hands-on. Countless birds have been rescued by the Birds of Prey team over the years, including a bird named Spirit - the Golden Eagle that was brought to the center on that cold February day. Unable to return to the wild because of his injuries, Spirit has been living happily at the center since he arrived.

135 kilometer(s) from Bellevue Underground Mine Tour, imagine what it must be like to spend the majority of your time working deep underground. No sunlight, no fresh air. Soot covers you head to toe as you chip away hour after hour at a precious black deposit that the world above you needs not just for warmth, but to keep things running. At Bellevue Underground Mine Tour, you won't have to imagine what the daily life of a miner was like, because you'll trace the footsteps of the people that worked in this historic mine shaft in years gone by. As you walk the dark corridors, following the light cast by the authentic miner's hat you'll be wearing, you'll see, hear, and feel what hundreds of miners saw, heard, and felt everyday. A knowledgeable guide will be there to assist you, answer any questions and tell the story. You'll see coal chutes, equipment and tools, and hear tell of the tragic explosion that took place down the mine in 1910.

87.00 kilometer(s) from Devil's Coulee Dinosaur & Heritage Museum, site of a dinosaur egg discovery, features a Hadrosaur nest and an embryo, ancient fossils and dinosaur displays. 183 kilometer(s) from Bar U Ranch National Historic Site, was one of the first corporate ranches in Western Canada. Many colorful characters have worked at the ranch, including former slave, John Ware and outlaw, the Sundance Kid. Visit ranch buildings, see demonstrations, interactive displays and activities.

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209 41st Street South (Directions)
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